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Going vegan doesn’t just benefit you, but the animals, the world, and everyone around you.

If you’re interested in going vegan, take the leap! We’ll light the way, and help you sculpt the body you deserve on the way there.

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The 'GoVeganMuscle' Basics


Training is the spark needed to ignite the fire known as the muscle building process.

Lift hard, lift heavy, and keep making progress every workout!


Fire is nothing without fuel, just like lifting is nothing without nutrition.

Stick to organic whole foods that are high in protein and nutrients.


No Sleep, No Gains.

Pretty simple. Make sure you’re getting around 6-8 hours of sleep per night and avoid overtraining.

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Plant-Based Pre-Workout Meal. Fuel Up For A Better Gym Session.

Nowadays, everyone loves talking about their post-workout shake, the protein powder they’re using, and how many gallons of protein they’re downing every day. And don’t get me wrong, post-workout recovery is essential for making some serious gains. But why isn’t there as much stress on pre-workout meals? If anything pre-workout meals are just as important if not more important to your fitness goals. A great pre-workout meal will help provide you with a ton of

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Plant-Based Strength Training. How To Get Strong As Hell On Plants.

If you’re goal is to gain as much strength as possible on a vegan diet, you’ve found the right place. Unlike most stereotypes and myths which say it’s impossible, you can (and will) build tremendous strength and muscle mass on a plant-based diet. Just take a look at strongman Patrik Baboumian. At his peak, Patrik was the strongest man in Germany, and one of the strongest men in the entire world! And he did this

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Benefits Of The Hyperice HyperVolt. A Review Of The Best Percussion Massager

Percussion massagers seem to be one of the up and coming products in the fitness industry. Of all the percussion massagers out there, the most popular is the Hyperice HyperVolt. Everyone on social media seems to be using one now. And you’ve probably seen a ton of ads for them as well! Right now, you may be asking: what is a percussion massager? Imagine a foam roller on steroids… A percussion massager is a handheld

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How To Go Plant-Based With The Snap Of Your Fingers!

So you’re thinking about incorporating a plant-based diet into your daily regime? If you’re new to this, it may seem like a hell of a transition. Trust me, I’ve been there. Not to worry! A plant-based diet is still super delicious and highly nutritious! Along the way you’ll start to learn all the benefits and contributions you make by going plant based: Environmental Protection Saves Animals Reduces Consumption of Energy + Resources Conserves Water Prevents

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What Do Vegan Bodybuilders Eat? Their Secrets Revealed…

Vegan bodybuilders have a much harder time putting on muscle, right? WRONG! That myth was busted a long time ago. Plant-based protein has been shown to build muscle just as well as animal protein. Just take a look at this study on pea protein powder vs whey protein powder. The study noted that there were “No differences in strength were observed between whey and pea protein groups.” So now that we know vegan bodybuilders can

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What Are The Best Vegan Meat Substitutes? 2020 Updated!

Just 20 years ago, being vegan meant only eating a salad… But now it’s 2020. Technology and the earth are growing at such a rapid pace. And so is veganism. Plant-based companies are popping up and growing like sunflowers. Have you seen Beyond Meats stock price? It grew 500% in 2019, its debut year! Salad and grass aren’t the only things vegans can choose at restaurants. Now we have plant-based burgers, chicken, sausage, cheese, and

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How To Gain Weight On A Vegan Diet. Don’t Overcomplicate It!

When it comes to gaining weight, especially muscle mass, people like to overcomplicate the process. Truth is, it’s really not as difficult as it seems. It just takes hard work and time. Unfortunately, whenever something requires both work and time, people try to look for a shortcut or some secret pill to help them quickly reach their goals. Many people waste so much time looking for a shortcut that they’ll never find! Instead, they could

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Vegan Muscle Building Shake. Protein Shakes For Bulking Vs Cutting.

If you don’t already know, your fitness goals will depend largely on how you diet and focus on nutrition. If you eat like crap, more likely than not, you will look like crap… But if you consume high quality, organic, whole foods, you’ll look and feel great! One of the best ways to help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals is by drinking a protein shake filled with a multitude of nutritious ingredients! The

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Plant-Based Vs Vegan. Yes, There Can Be A Difference.

While the terms ‘plant-based’ and ‘vegan’ might be looked at as the same thing, the truth is that they can differ. Many people will claim “I’m following a plant-based diet” or “I’m vegan.” And while you can argue both are along the same lines of ‘going green’ there are some slight differences. Let’s take a look at these differences and find a true definition and meaning of the terms plant-based and vegan.   Plant-Based Is

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What Are The Best Vegan Muscle Building Supplements? The Top 3!

There are a whole lot of plant-based and vegan friendly supplements out there on the market, many of which will promise to build you muscle in no time. Truth is, supplements don’t really help you build a crazy amount of muscle. Most people are just looking for the easy way out, the shortcut, or the path of least resistance. But there’s nothing out there that will have you magically pack on 30 pounds of lean

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Muscles Not Recovering From Workouts? Don’t Do This!

If you want to get stronger or put on more muscle mass, lifting weights is only half the battle. Truth is, you don’t build muscle when you lift weights. What builds the muscle is the rest and recovery following your weight training. That means eating the proper foods, getting enough sleep, and optimizing your recovery to the best of your ability. If you don’t take your recovery seriously, your body will have a much harder

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11 Vegan Stereotypes And Myths. Are They True?

Vegans Do Not Get Enough Protein Possibly the oldest and biggest stereotype regarding vegans is that they never get enough protein. This probably originally started out when non-vegans only thought vegans ate salad. Of course, if you only eat lettuce leaves all day, you’re going to be protein deficient. But vegans don’t only eat lettuce… Vegans eat a ton of foods that are high in protein: Tofu Tempeh Lentils Beans Grains Nuts Seeds And this

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