What Are The Best Vegan Meat Substitutes? 2020 Updated!

Just 20 years ago, being vegan meant only eating a salad…

But now it’s 2020.

Technology and the earth are growing at such a rapid pace. And so is veganism.

Plant-based companies are popping up and growing like sunflowers. Have you seen Beyond Meats stock price?

It grew 500% in 2019, its debut year!

Salad and grass aren’t the only things vegans can choose at restaurants.

Now we have plant-based burgers, chicken, sausage, cheese, and so much more to choose from. Grocery stores have entire aisles dedicated to 100% plant-based options.

Even meat-eaters are loving these vegan options too!

But the real question is, with all of these meat substitutes available on the market, which ones are the best?

Let’s dive into the deep end!


The Beyond Burger

If you don’t know what the Beyond Burger is, you might have been living under a rock for the past year.

The company behind the burger, Beyond Meat, went public in May of 2019.

Since then, their stock has been one of the most sought after on the market, rising over 500% since it’s IPO.

The Beyond Burger is available nationwide at most supermarkets and stores including Whole Foods, Stop n Shop, ShopRite, Target, Walmart, and more. It’s also available in many restaurants.

So what’s all the hype behind the Beyond Burger?

Because it tastes so damn realistic! And it’s delicious

If you haven’t given it a try, head over to your nearest Whole Foods and pick up a package right now…

Treat it like a regular burger and throw it on the grill for 5-10 minutes.

Grab a bun and your favorite ingredients. Stack up lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mayo, jalapenos, and whatever else you want on your vegan burger.

The texture and taste is incredible! So much so that it will fool meat-eaters!


The Impossible Burger

The Beyond Burgers top competitor…

You may have heard the Impossible Burger in the news recently thanks to it’s addition to the Burger King menu.

Just unveiled in August of 2019, the Impossible Whopper might change the fast-food industry forever.

Since then, a whole line of other fast food joints like Subway, KFC, and others are now experimenting with plant-based meat.

But it’s not just fast-food restaurants! The Impossible Burger is available at multiple large chains like Plan B, Red Robin, The Cheesecake Factory and more!

So how does it taste?

Pretty dang amazing! It’s got more of a crunch to it, giving it extra texture. It also has that flame-grilled taste to it that the Beyond Burger doesn’t. It’s also less oily than the Beyond Burger, making it feel a little lighter and the healthier option.

I would personally choose the Impossible Burger over other plant-based patties.

The only downside…

The Impossible Burger is only available at restaurants and not in supermarkets.

That means no cooking it on your grill. Hopefully that’ll change in the coming years!


Fruffalo Wings

After converting fully to veganism over two years ago, there’s only been one food that I truly miss.

Buffalo wings…

Something about the flavor of wing or drumstick was so delicious, not to mention dipping it in a pile of blue cheese.

I spent some time looking for some vegan faux wings that mimicked real buffalo wings, which came to no avail.

It wasn’t until my girlfriend who showed me Fruffalo Wings made by the well-known company Field Roast.

Boy are these things incredible!

It totally reminds me of boneless wings I used to get at restaurants, but even better.

One package of Fruffalo Wings comes with around 14 ‘boneless wings’ and a packet of spicy buffalo sauce.

But don’t eat these too often, they are the definition of late-night junk food – filled with salt!


Gardein Turk’y Cutlets

Gardein is a top food brand of meatless/substitute meats.

They have everything from faux chicken, beef, fish, and pre-packaged meals.

I last ate Gardein when I went on vacation. My girlfriend and I needed something quick to prepare for dinner. We decided to get a package of their turk’y cutlet frozen faux meat.

I was blown away!

It was wrapped in a crispy breading which was both crunchy and tender on the inside.

You can either oven bake these or throw them on a pan for super quick preparation.

Eat them with some hot sauce as is or throw them in a sandwich. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

Don’t stop at these either. Try a lot of the other products that Gardein has to offer, especially the faux fish. They have raving reviews.

You can buy Gardein at most major supermarkets.


Tofurkey Deli Slices

Need to make a quick lunch or sandwich for work the next day?

Tofurkey has got you covered.

With multiple styles and flavors of ‘cold cut’ deli slices, you’ll enjoy your next cold packed lunch.

They have a delicious smokey flavor to them.

They’re also super high in protein! 5 slices of these tofurkey brand cold cuts have over 13 grams of protein!

Whenever I need a quick snack I just throw some multi-grain bread in the toaster and top it off with some tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, and some tofurkey deli slices!

Nutritious and delicious!


Lightlife Veggie Hot Dogs

I guarantee that any hot dog wouldn’t know the difference between these vegan hot dogs and real beef hot dogs.

Perfect flavor and consistency. All you need is some ketchup, mustard, and some relish (if you dig it).

These veggie dogs come in small size packets of 8 or jumbo size packets of 4.

They’re also pretty high in protein! (7 grams for each small one and 14 grams per jumbo)

Perfect for your next plant-based barbeque!