What You Shouldn’t Be Doing At The Gym. A List Of Gym Pet Peeve’s.

Are you working out? Or do you think you’re working out?

Do you know those people who go to the gym for status?

As soon as they arrive they post a story on Snapchat or Instagram and take a million bathroom selfies.

They’re always on those weird machines and seem to be using their phone between every set.

They hardly put any effort into working out. They’re at the gym because they want to be seen, for their ‘followers’ online or because they think they’re being productive.

Reality is, a lot of people waste their time at the gym doing a lot of things.

And it doesn’t just affect them, but everyone else at the gym who wants to exercise as well. They’re constantly wasting everybody’s time.

If there’s anything you shouldn’t be doing at the gym, it’s on this list.

Let’s go over the gym no-no’s.


Constantly Being On Your Phone

I see people who start working out and then jump on their phone for 5 minutes between sets!

Did you come here to workout or text your grandmother?

Look, everyone is guilty of this, even I jump on my phone occasionally between sets.

But when you’re on your phone more than working out, then it becomes an issue for everyone who’s at the gym as well.

It’s frustrating when I see a person on the same machine for what seems like 10 minutes and every time I look over they’re texting away.

There are other people who want to use that machine, squat rack, bench press, or equipment.

Be respectful and put your phone down.

My personal advice: If you’re waiting for someone to finish their never ending set on an exercise, just kindly ask how many sets that have left and proceed to ask if you can workout with them. Jump in between their sets.

This often gets them to stop using their phone as well.


Taking A Million Selfies In The Mirror

I don’t see this often, but when I do, it makes me cringe.

That overly confident guy who jumps in front of the gym mirror and starts posing for pics like he’s a Victoria’s Secret model!

And ladies, don’t think you aren’t at fault as well. I see a lot of you posing for minutes on hand with a group of your friends.

This isn’t the club or sleepover.

Not only is it distracting but it’s just plain weird.

Even worse is I’ve seen some guys take their shirts off and do it!

If you have such an uncontrollable desire to do this, take it elsewhere, say at home or the locker rooms.

Just don’t do it in front of everyone else at the free weights.

Once again, did you come here to take selfies or workout?

If you truly want to reach your fitness goals then quit it with the selfies.


Leaving A Ton Of Plates On The Bar

This can be a total pain and nuisance for the person who’s going to use the equipment after you.

Walking up to a bench press or squat rack on with three of four 45 pound plates on the bar is a pain in the ass to take off.

Not everyone’s bench press or squat is as strong as yours. And even if they are, some people prefer to warm up with lighter weights.

Even a ton of smaller plates on the bar is still a pain to take off.

Have some respect, at the very most only leave one set of plates on the bar. Anything more and it’s just plain rude.

Not only that but often times when I see a bunch of plates on a bar I’m not sure if someone is still using it to work out. I often have to ask someone around if they or someone else is still using it.

Let other people know you are done by putting the weights back.

It’s also annoying when there are very few plates to use and then you realize that someone took every single one and left it on the leg press. Now it’s up to me to take all the plates off because you were too lazy to do it.

This can also be said for people who just leave dumbbells and other equipment lying around. Have some courtesy and put everything back in the correct place.


Dressing Like It’s The Club

This is a funny one.

I’ve seen guys show up to the gym in the tightest polo shirts and jeans, or girls wear some super tight clothes that aren’t made for the gym.

It looks like they were heading to the bar on a Saturday night.

But hey, I’m not judging… to each their own.

You can wear whatever you want but just know it might interfere with your workout.

I once saw a guy show up in his work clothes. Carpenter jeans, dirty shirt with paint all over, and even his face and body were covered with dirt.

Not only did he need to shower after the gym, he should have showered before as well!

Socializing And Talking The Entire Time

Sometimes you can make some pretty good connections at the gym.

I’ve met and spoke to a marketing guy who almost hooked me up with an internship for his digital media company. Vice versa, I put him into contact with another digital media company I used to work for.

The gym is actually a great place to grow physically and in the real world.

But that doesn’t excuse you from talking the entire time.

Once again this isn’t a bar. I see groups of people huddled around machines, equipment, or the squat rack. As soon as they’re done with their set, they begin chatting up a storm.

I’m awkwardly waiting to use the weights and here they are being inconsiderate for the people around them.

If you’re going to talk, make sure it’s not in anyways day and most certainly do not occupy any equipment.


Using Terrible Form Or Trying To Lift Weights That You Can’t

This is not just for the other people around you, but for your overall health as well.

It’s actually quite sad when I see people using bad form. I’m sure a lot of people feel obligated to correct them, but no one wants to come off as “that guy” or “the coach” of the gym.

Get your form correct first and then start progressing in weight.

This isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Most people use bad form because they want or believe they can lift heavy weight, when in reality they can’t.

This can be detrimental and cause serious injury.

Even I’ve been a victim of this.

Lower the weight and do the workout properly. Your body and gains will thank you.


Attempting To Show Off


There’s always that one D-Bag at the gym who’s trying to show off.

A lot of the times, he’s got the same problem in the last point I made. He tries to lift weights that he is not capable of.

This guy will try to deadlift 400 pounds, when in reality he really can’t. His back curves like hell on the way up, when he’s finished he drops the weight as loud as possible and screams a victory screech once all is said and done.

No one is here to watch you workout, they are there for themselves.

Showing off at the gym won’t make you famous or get you laid, it’s just plain disrespectful.

Whether it’s grunting, dropping weights super loud, or just trying to grab attention, save yourself and just don’t attempt it.


Leaving A Pile Of Sweat

It’s pretty gross when you walk up to a used bench and see sweat stains all over.

It doesn’t bother me too much but I know for other people and out of having good manners, you should clean the mess you leave. Especially from one the leaves your body and can be smelly.

It’s also quite unsanitary.

Think about how much dried sweat if no one ever cleaned a bench or equipment after use?

It would be disgusting and full of germs!

In fact, there’s already enough germs in the gym. Think about how many people touch the equipment throughout the entire day! A lot of these people come straight from their jobs, homes, or wherever, and many don’t even wash their hands!

Cleaning up after yourself isn’t just good for other people but for your own sanitary and health conditions as well.


Supersetting And Using Multiple Equipment At The Same Time

The other day I was waiting for a bench press to open up since all of them were taken.

After waiting a minute a guy leaves his bench, picks his things up and walks over to the dumbbells to do some other exercises.

I quickly walked over to the bench and set my things down ready to begin my warm up.

All of a sudden the same guy comes back to me on the bench and says he’s still using it…

Out of respect I left him to do his thing and allowed him to ‘superset.’

It can be very obnoxious to occupy multiple machines or equipment at the same time.

It’s the same thing as socializing and working out at the same time. Just do one or the other.

Don’t take up other people’s time because you want to multi-task.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this tactic. I’ve seen a guy superset using 3 different machines at the same time.

Every time someone would attempt to use one of the machines he tells them “I’m on this.”

I have no problem with you wanting to superset. But if you do, try it when the gym is empty, or with a set of dumbbells. Not with a million different pieces of equipment that infringes on other people from using it.


Leaving Your Belongings On An Exercise Or Equipment

This goes right along with my last point of supersetting.

Ever walk up to an exercise and see someone left their headphones, wallet, water bottle, and other belongings there?

You have no idea if someone is still using it or not.

This isn’t only your gym. It’s everyones. Shares it correctly.

It becomes a pain and feels awkward for you to jump in and start working out not knowing if someone is still training there.

I generally never jump in if I see someones stuff by a machine or exercise, not the same can be said for everyone else.

Moral of the story: Take your belongings wherever you go. Not only is it out of respect for others but you never know if someone is going to steal your stuff.


Using Specific Equipment For A Totally Different Exercise

Curling in the squat rack, curling on a bench press, doing skull crushes on the bench press.

If you wish to be the most obnoxious person in the gym, do the above.

It’s pretty infuriating when someone is taking up a value machine or compound exercise and using it for something completely different.

Everyone knows that a-hole who curls in the squat rack. I mean come on, you could literally curl with any other barbell and in any other place but the squat rack.

Especially at my gym, getting a squat rack during peak times is like hitting a gold mine.

If you are using a squat rack, you better be making all your time on it worthwhile, cause if you’re not… you’re just wasting everyone else’s.

Not only that but using machines and exercises not how they’re meant to is just plain weird. Don’t become the laughing stock at the gym.


Not Asking For A Spotter

On a more serious note, one thing you should do at the gym always asks for a spotter when using heavy weight!

It makes me scared shitless and cringe when I see someone not being able to extend all the way up on a heavy bench press or squat lift.

It could lead to some very serious injuries.

Even if they’re not serious they could last a while. Plus you’d rather not be injured rather than injured.

Don’t be afraid to ask someone for a spotter. Preferably someone who looks like they know what they’re doing and who doesn’t look super weak.

The last thing you want if for your spotter not to be able to help you lift the weight that you’re struggling with.

I’m more than happy to ever assist anyone who needs a spot on any exercise, and most people are exactly the same.

Don’t go it alone!



Of course, you can continue to perform all the behavior and pet peeves above. I really don’t care, it actually makes me laugh once in a while.

But for out of respect of other people, I highly recommend you or your friends quit doing this shit.