How To Overcome Gym Embarrassment. No One Is Actually Watching.

Everyone’s first time in the gym is intimidating…

It doesn’t matter who you are, finding yourself in a new situation and new environment with different individuals can be pretty scary.

This is especially true at the gym!

Large muscular men and women grunting and screaming while throwing around heavy weights.

A ton of people with super sexy bodies can make you feel insecure, especially if you haven’t reached that level yet. The gym can feel like a place of standards and judgment!

Turns out, this isn’t even the case!

While you might think everyone is watching you, nobody really is!


Focus On You

Reality is, everyone who goes to the gym is there to better themselves.

They’re not there to stare at other gym-goers, mingle, find a date, or sell you something (although a very small percentage might do this).

When I glance at someone in the gym, they’re 100% focusing on completing an exercise or a lift!

So why shouldn’t you!?

Once you walk through those gym doors, it’s game time. Give yourself the best possible workout you can possibly have.

Beat last week’s PR, change up your workout, do more sets, run a little harder or faster… just do something that’s going to improve yourself that little bit more.

Focusing on yourself will boost your confidence and give you the best results.

Crush the doubt in your body, and don’t be embarrassed, whoever you are!

You made the decision and took the time to SHOW UP at the gym while most of the human population is sitting at home on the couch and skipping their exercise for the day.

That alone is a win!


Don’t Compare Yourself

It may be difficult, but it’s important not to compare yourself to others at the gym.

All you’ll do is criticize yourself for not being where you want.

You should be comparing yourself to who you were yesterday, and the amount of progress YOU have personally made, not others.

So instead of criticizing yourself all together, use the awesome bodied gym-goers as motivation!

Why not go up to them and ask them for the advice?

“Hey, just wanted to say you’re in great shape and I was wondering about your diet and exercise plan?”

It’ll make their day and you’ll get some great advice.

And remember, there are over 7 billion people on this planet, everyone is doing their own thing at their own pace. And no matter what you do, you’ll never be able to please all 7 billion.


Know The Equipment (Educate Yourself)

One of the biggest fears that people face in the gym is the inability to properly use exercise equipment.

This was one of my biggest setbacks when I first started working out.

I worried every time I would use new equipment or machines that I would look silly because I had no idea what I was doing.

And sure, there are plenty of videos on YouTube showcasing people who have no idea what they’re doing at the gym… but this won’t be you.

Most exercise equipment at the gym will be marked with a diagram on how to properly execute the lift or movement. The diagram should be located near the part where you change the weight.

Another great way to educate yourself is to go online. has a guide and/or video to literally every single exercise you can possibly think of.

You can check them out here.

Once you know how to properly complete an exercise, go give it a shot yourself!

After all, trying new things is where we make the biggest growth!

But knowing how to properly use the weight isn’t just for the hell of it, it’s for your own personal safety.

Bad form and lack of knowledge on gym equipment can lead to serious injuries.

The last thing you want is to have a nagging or even permanent injury that can affect you for the rest of your life.

Just check out this dude deadlifting…


Just Get In There!

The biggest way to overcome your gym embarrassment and fears is by…

Just showing up!

It’s proven that making the actual decision to go to the gym is much more difficult than actually working out and being in the gym itself?

Who would’ve thought!

That’s because our minds play tricks on us.

“Should I go to the gym?”

“Maybe I shouldn’t.”

“I’ll go tomorrow…”

“I went yesterday, I can skip today.”

Our mind can become our worst enemy unless you control it.

Instead, make your mind your best friend.

99% of the process is just showing up. Because once you show up, you’re already going to do the work and get it done!

If you never even take the initiative to show up, then absolutely zero gets done, and you’re stuck in the same place where you started.



Truth is, the gym is a place of growth and ambition.

It’s okay to be nervous, just accept it and move on.

Keep showing up and within no time, you’ll overcome your gym anxiety just like everyone else has!

And after overcoming your anxiety, you’ll realize that no one actually was judging you in the first place.