How To Stay Motivated In The Gym Or For Life In General.

The gym, like life, is a place of passion, strength, dream chasing, blood, sweat, and tears.

But as motivating as a place like the gym can be, workouts become repetitive, you hit plateaus, injuries do happen, and you can find yourself struggling to make progress.

Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. Even the strongest lifters on the planet sometimes find themselves in a funk or getting set back due to a serious injury.

But often times, lacking motivation in your workouts isn’t because of the gym, but rather from an outside source. That’s why it’s important to look at your life as a whole, more specifically your daily habits, to find the missing motivation for the gym but also for everything else in life.


Your Habits Make You

If you are tired, grumpy, depressed, have back pain, and feel shitty about yourself… do you think staying in bed is going to help you?

Not even close, in fact, staying in bed is actually going to make you feel worse!

If you get up early in the morning, go for a walk and appreciate every little thing… the birds singing, the sun rising, the smell of the morning grass, that feeling of the ground every time you push off with your feet when you walk…

Is this going to make you happy, motivated, and appreciate life more?


You are literally defined by the habits and choices you make!

That’s right, everything you do in life is a choice. You can become anything and everything you could ever want. Your dreams are totally possible!

Whether you start acting on them and working towards them is up to you.

And every second of every day you have that choice. But most people don’t act on it. People believe they are stuck in this endless cycle and routine.

Get up early, drive to work, work for 8 hours at a mediocre job, get paid, go home tired and grumpy.

While this might be the life for the average American, you still have a choice every day to fight for your dreams, shitty job or not.

Make goals, not excuses. I don’t care how little time you have in your day if you truly want something, you’re going to prioritize it and make it work.


Positive Habits You Can Implement


An affirmation is a form of positive self-talk and belief. It’s important that you say your affirmation is said out loud so that you can hear it.

Otherwise, it is not as effective. Taking the actual action of speaking and displaying your affirmation or goal is more effective than just thinking about it.

“I’m going to kill this gym workout today!”

“I’m going to finish my English essay by 6pm tonight!”

“I’m going to have 10 new clients for my business by the end of the month!”

“I’m happy no matter what happens to me!”

“I’m going to take this negative and turn it into a positive”

These are all examples of positive affirmations that help train your mind and subconscious.

Studies show that affirmations actually help reduce stress and can be healthy for you.

But how do affirmations work in help you in getting motivated and push you towards your goals?

When you speak out positive self-beliefs frequently, you start to believe them!

Start implementing affirmations into your life right now by saying goals and dreams you know are going to come true! You can succeed!


Surround Yourself With Positive People

If you hang around people who are negative, constantly complain, blame other people or things for misfortune, claim they have bad luck, gossip all the time… it’s time to drop them.

“If you hang around people who are cynical and negative, you too will become cynical and negative.”

-Les Brown, World Renowned Motivational Speaker

They say you become the 5 people you are in the most contact with/who you see the most.

Think about those 5 people right now…

Who are they? Are they positive fun people? Do they love you? Are they just your friend for the hell of it? Do they brighten your mood or push you down?

These are all serious questions you have to ask yourself regarding all the people in your life.

It’s so important to surround yourself with people who are positive and help motivate you. This will get you out of a funk in no time!

If you can just call up a friend and say “Hey, I’m feeling really unmotivated and down right now. Can we talk?” and they respond with “anytime dude!” you have yourself a keeper.

People are your support network, and you will soon realize that the people you hang around is the person you will become!

Hang out with a gang, you will most likely become a gangbanger!

Hang out with billionaires, you’re more than likely going to make a lot of money, if not become a billionaire!

As for those negative and shitty people in your life (you know who they are!), drop ‘em. They cause nothing but misery and pain. You’ll only wish you dropped them sooner.


Read Books

Reading 30 minutes every morning helps get your day started off right. Get some positive knowledge into your brain right away!

Read books about motivation, attitude, wealth, enjoying life, fitness, mindset, and positivity.

Books will help change your mindset and help you notice what you’re doing wrong!

In fact, reading positive and motivational books is the reason why I’m able to write this article today! It helped give me the knowledge which I can now pass on to you.

Reading helps improve the way you think about life! So get to it!



Another incredible way to help keep you motivated is through visualizations.

Take some time every day to help visualize your goals. But more than that, visualize what you have to do in order to achieve your goals.

When you start playing out what it actually takes to reach your dreams, you’ll begin to do it, and you’ll be more motivated to do the actual work.

You’ll fall in love with the process!

If your goal is to squat 500 pounds, take a few times during the day to visualize yourself squatting weight. First, visualize yourself squatting whatever you can do now. Then visualize all the work you have to do to get to 500.

All the dieting, working out, squatting 300 pounds, 400 pounds, and then finally squatting 500.

Constantly visualizing your goals and the work you need to complete in order to achieve will motivate you like no other.

Studies even show that visualization is critical in improving performance and reaching goals.

A group wanted to test the effectiveness of visualization on free throw shooting over the course of 30 days.

Group 1: Practiced free throw shooting every day for 1 hour

Group 2: Visualize making free throws (never shot an actual free throw shot)

Group 3: Control (Didn’t do anything)

The results were astounding!

Group 1: 24% improvement in free throw shooting

Group 2: 23% improvement in free throw shooting!!!

Group 3: No improvement at all

By literally visualizing themselves making free throws, the second group was able to improve their free throw shooting almost as much as actually practicing. The best part, they never did practice! All they did was see it in their minds!

If you want to succeed at your goals, visualize yourself succeeding and getting it done!