Benefits Of The Hyperice HyperVolt. A Review Of The Best Percussion Massager

Percussion massagers seem to be one of the up and coming products in the fitness industry.

Of all the percussion massagers out there, the most popular is the Hyperice HyperVolt.

Everyone on social media seems to be using one now. And you’ve probably seen a ton of ads for them as well!

Right now, you may be asking: what is a percussion massager?

Imagine a foam roller on steroids…

A percussion massager is a handheld device that delivers powerful pulses of energy (known as percussions) onto your body, more specifically your skeletal muscle.

So why would you use this?

Percussion massagers help relieve sore muscles and increase blood circulation to an area.

In a simpler term, getting work done on your body with a percussion massager feels damn good!

It’s like your own little masseuse, one of which you can turn on at any moment of the day.

This isn’t just some weak little instrument either. At maximum power, the HyperVolt can crank out 3200 percussions per minute! That’s a lot of massaging power!

It offers fantastic relief and even some amazing health benefits.

Let’s take a look at what the HyperVolt can do!


What Are The Benefits Of HyperVolt And Percussion Massage?

“Recent studies have indicated that percussion therapy helps treat muscle fibers up to 30-times more effectively than regular massage.”

Just take that in for a quick second…

Your percussion massager is 30 times better than having a real masseuse working on you.

But that’s not all!

Using a percussion massager does the following:

  • Increases blood flow and oxygen distribution
  • Stops and prevents muscle spasms
  • Relieves tightness and soreness
  • Promotes and speeds up muscle recovery
  • Increases athletic/muscle performance
  • Pre-workout warm-up
  • Relieves stress

This isn’t a gimmick either. It’s backed by science.

Another brand of percussion massager took a look at pre and post percussion massage results using thermographic imaging.

And the results were incredible!

“Test results demonstrate a dramatic increase in blood flow… increase in blood flow was noted by researchers to continue for up to one-hour post-treatment with blood flow and color change returning to baseline.”

Why is blood flow so important?

For a variety of reasons.

First, it helps provide essential nutrients and oxygen to areas that are weak and recovering from exercise. More nutrients to the affected area helps accelerate the healing process, making you bigger and stronger!

The increased blood flow also helps flush out toxins from the area.

Blood flow isn’t just great for post-workout recovery either. By using a percussion massager pre-workout, you essentially wake up your muscles, getting them ready and loose to do some heavy lifting or intense exercise!

There’s been days when I didn’t use my HyperVolt pre-workout, and boy did I notice a difference in the gym.

On days I use my HyperVolt as a pre-workout massage, I noticed both my lifting movements and muscles were a lot less tight, and overall I was able to lift more weight.

Ultimately, this powers me through workouts and helps me break my PR’s! Remember, warm-up is everything!

Even if you’re not into lifting or exercise, the HyperVolt can still provide a ton of benefit to whoever you are.

After a long day at work, school, or running errands, life can take its toll.

Tension builds up in our bodies, creating knots, aches, and serious pains. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard coworkers say “I could go for a massage right now.”

Little do people know, with a percussion massager you very well could get your own massage in a matter of a few minutes.

But if nothing is done that tension will build up over time, just getting worse and tighter. More than just physical pain, tension turns into stress.

Stress is one of the leading causes of death in the world! It’s no secret that stress affects each and every one of us!

Every time you use a percussion massager, it helps relieve that stress and relax away that grinding tension so many of us keep.

Give it a try!


How Much Does HyperVolt Cost?

The HyperVolt can be purchased on Hyperice’s website for $349.

It may seem rather pricey, but most percussion massagers will put you back $150. For its abilities and quality, it is well worth the price.


HyperVolt Specs

What makes the HyperVolt head and shoulders above other competitors on the market is its ability to change power with the simple tap of its power button.

Level 1: At 2,000 ppm (percussions per minute), it’s great on super sensitive areas.

Level 2: This is cranking it up a little. 2,600 ppm is great on working mid to large muscle groups.

Level 3: Max power! At 3,200 ppm this level is to really dig in there and relieve all the tension and aches. Use this on your most tender areas for ultimate relief.

When you purchase the device, it comes with a battery charger for it’s long-lasting lithium-ion battery (3 hours of use on one charge) and 5 different head attachments depending on the massage style you want.

(*There’s a 1-year warranty on the massager as well)

What’s possibly the most impressive piece about this gun is how quiet it is. Thanks to QuietGlide Technology, the gun doesn’t forfeit any of its power, while still maintaining low levels of sound.

This can’t be said for its competitors like the Theragun, which is extremely loud and obnoxious. Good luck using it at night and not waking anyone up!


Should I Buy A HyperVolt?

I highly recommend it.

Since I’ve purchased mine I’ve been able to help promote and increase my recovery speed post workouts.

It’s also great to use at the end of a really long day, especially when I’ve been sitting for too long. It helps get rid of the kinks and knots in my back, shoulders, and neck. Super useful!

Sometimes I hop into bed and have a hard time falling asleep just because my muscles are aching from working out or from a training session of jiu jitsu. That’s when I remind myself that I don’t have to go to bed this achy…

I have the HyperVolt!

I’ll quickly hop out of bed and crank the thing up to full power and help get some much-needed blood flow into those sore and achy areas.

I follow it by doing a few static stretches and holy cow do I feel amazing!

I feel so much relief, so much that I feel like I just left an intense yoga class.

Afterward, I’m able to hop back into bed and fall asleep much easier.

And it’s not just me who begs to use the HyperVolt. I often have family members asking me to use it on them because it’s so helpful and relaxing.

My mom recently ran up the stairs a few days ago frantically asking where the hell it was because her upper back muscles were so tight.

So if you wish to purchase a percussion massager, I highly recommend looking into the HyperVolt. Although it’s a little pricy, it’s excellent quality and the relief it provides will make this thing pay for itself in no time.