Want To Boost Your Testosterone Naturally? Try These 10 Plant Based Foods.

What happened to us men?

According to studies, our bodies have reached an all-time low in testosterone production.

What is testosterone exactly? And how does it affect us?

By definition, Test or T for short is the primary male sex hormone. It plays an important role in developing the male reproductive system. You might know testosterone as a sexual enhancement booster, promoting you do get down and dirty in bed.

It affects both our mood and our energy, and higher levels of testosterone lead to a greater amount of motivation and drive.

The benefits of testosterone include:

  • Increased sexual performance
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Better bone health
  • Hair growth
  • Weight/fat loss
  • Improved mood and energy
  • Healthier heart and blood

As men get older, around 35 years old, testosterone levels start to slowly decrease. By the age of 60 many men feel as if they have no testosterone left or very minimal amounts of it.

Although this is naturally a product of aging, there’s certainly something you can do to help get some testosterone back in your life, and make you feel a little younger.

It first starts with your diet!

What kinds of food are you eating?

Diet has a significant impact on our overall health and testosterone levels. Many foods contain unhealthy amounts of estrogen or cause our bodies to gain weight which lowers T.

Try changing your diet and make it benefit your body, not destroy it.

If you feel you may be suffering from low T levels, here are 10 plant based foods that may get you back in the game.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are packed with nutrients.

Considered a superfood, pumpkin seeds are high in zinc, which is helped used to regulate low levels of testosterone.

A perfect snack or topping to salads and fruit bowls. They are very cheap to buy in bulk and are also high in protein. (9 grams per ¼ cup)

Pumpkin seeds are also high in magnesium which helps support enzymes. Enzymes are a big factor in the production and release of test in the body.

Pumpkin seeds also have a decent amount of healthy fats and fiber. Both these two micronutrients have been shown in case studies to promote increased test levels.


Seriously, avocado can make almost anything taste better.

Add it to sandwiches, burritos, wraps, or eat it straight up with some balsamic vinegar and vinaigrette.

Avocado is considered a libido boosting food, for its ability to increase T levels in men. It’s also high in Vitamin B6 which has been known to improve mood, promote brain health, and reduce your risk of heart disease.

It also reduces high levels of LDL which is known as unhealthy cholesterol.

LDL is bad for your health in many ways but what people don’t know is that it fights your body’s ability to increase test.

The verdict: Eat more avocados and lower your LDL, which will then increase your testosterone.

Goji Berries

Also known as the wolfberry, this dried fruit is a superfood.

You can buy them in bulk and dried at most organic supermarkets like Whole Foods.

Goji berries boost testosterone, sperm quantity, and aids men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Originating from Asia, these red little berries have been helping people for many generations.

“In Asia, goji berries are traditionally regarded as a strong sexual tonic. In addition, goji acts as a general tonic to improve overall stamina, mood, and well-being. It can also help to decrease stress. All of these benefits are conducive to a healthy sex life.”


Chia Seeds

One of my favorite toppings to add to my morning breakfast bowl.

Chia seeds are another superfood with a ton of health benefits.

High in potassium, zinc, iron, magnesium, and protein, all which contribute to testosterone production and muscle growth.

They also help with fat loss since they are so low in calories.

High in omega-3s, chia seeds have been studied to show a lower risk of heart and cardiovascular disease.

You can buy a large bag of chia seeds that will last you a month or two from Costco.

Chia seeds aren’t the best to eat straight up. You generally have to add them to oatmeal, cookies, salads, or something with chocolate.


To eat the seeds, or to not eat the seeds?

I say eat the seeds!

Pomegranate is a delicious and highly nutritional fruit that offers a ton of benefits, one that it regulates testosterone.

Although it tastes a little bitter, pomegranate is better eaten straight up rather than in the form of juice or pomegranate flavored foods. Most of these products incorporate a lot of other artificial ingredients to make them taste better.

Besides, eating whole foods straight from earth is the best way to catch a healthy lifestyle.

It’s also a great workout snack! Pomegranate contains a high amount of carbohydrates which will keep you energized and feeling great while pumping iron.


Maca root is an ancient plant that’s been cultivated in Peru for over 3,000 years. It’s used for its amazing health benefits.

More than just boost testosterone, this superfood has even shown cases of boosting human growth hormone.

That’s like consuming a legal steroid! Well almost… but not really.

Maca’s testosterone boosting effects have also been shown to increase sperm motility, increase sexual performance, and reduce stress levels.

Raw maca has a unique taste, so most people like to consume it in the form of powder and throw into their tea!


Similar to the maca root, ginger is often consumed in the form of tea.

Studies on rats found that ginger administration increased their testosterone and sexual function.

Other studies which have been done on infertile humans found that ginger increased their human testosterone levels by 17% along with other sex hormones.

Ginger also has a ton of other health benefits like reducing nausea, blood pressure, and muscle pain.

Start out by drinking a glass of water with lemon, mint, and ginger every morning and see how you feel.

Or drink ginger tea every night before you go to bed.


Whenever you need something spiced up, garlic’s got your back.

We all know garlic as the flavor king of food. Add it to your pasta sauce, cooked spinach, olive tapenade, or you can eat the oh-so-amazing roasted garlic.

Garlic can also increase your athletic performance as well as your life expectancy.

I remember meeting a woman who was over 100 year’s old. She claimed the secret to her long life was all the garlic she would eat!

Garlic also consists of superb medicinal properties to help fight colds and sicknesses, and it boosts your immunity from getting them again.

On top of all this garlic is proven to boost your T levels so you can get that sex life back.


If you’re ever stranded on an island and you know you’re low on testosterone, go find a coconut tree.

Coconut contains saturated fat, which increases the amount of good cholesterol your body produces, which, in turn, increases your Test levels.

The best way to eat coconut is straight up.

That means the actual nut itself. Crack it open, drink the juice and eat the meaty flesh inside. Tastes delicious and comes straight from the earth.

You can also go to the store and buy coconut flakes if that’s not your thing. Also consuming coconut oil is great too – and it’s healthier than olive oil!

Embrace your inner Hawaiian and eat some coconuts!


The perfect fruit to add to any smoothie or protein shake, banana makes everything taste better.

Loaded with important nutrients like potassium, vitamin B6, fiber, manganese, and more.

It’s also known for curing ulcers, heartburn, and even fighting cancers.

Bananas have an enzyme known as bromelain which have been shown to boost sexual desire.

They carry another vitamin called riboflavin which is essential for manufacturing testosterone in men.

Add it to your morning smoothie bowl or eat a banana before you hit the gym.

Banana’s give you a ton of energy and keep you feeling full during the day.

Just make sure you save your real banana for the bedroom.


Extra Tip: Avoid Alcohol, Stress, and Test Boosters

Drinking Your Way To Low Testosterone

If you really think about it, alcohol is a poison.

I gave up drinking over a year ago and I can say it’s made an amazing difference it’s made in my life.

I used to be peer pressured into going to the bar, or downing shots at my friend’s house and getting extremely messed up. While those younger days of drinking were memories I’ll never forget, the effects of alcohol started to get to me.

The next day, I would wake up really late and hungover. It ruined my entire day and all of my plans. I lost a lot of motivation and I felt crankier.

But what I didn’t know, was that it was negatively affecting my testosterone levels.

When your body ingests alcohol, it lowers the amount of non-protein compounds like coenzyme which is present in the liver and testicles. This coenzyme is essential for the production of testosterone.

More Alcohol = Less Test

Stress and Cortisol levels

When something pisses you off or stresses you out it increases your cortisol levels.

Cortisol is your enemy.

It’s been proven that higher cortisol levels lower testosterone.

But it does so much more than that. It wreaks havoc on your mind and life but also decreases muscle mass, increases weight/fat gain, heart disease, cholesterol and so much more.

So don’t stress, it’s literally one of the biggest causes of disease and death in the world.

If you need to lower your stress levels I highly recommend you:

  • Practice meditation daily
  • Take yoga classes
  • Do some high intensity cardio
  • Write in a journal
  • Make yourself laugh
  • Practice gratitude and positivity
  • Listen to music and dance

Take some time every day for yourself.

Use it to de-stress, relax, and just enjoy the bigger picture of life. You’ll avoid all the negative effects that come with stress while being happier and joyful.

Testosterone Boosters (Supplements)

They don’t work, plain and simple.

I don’t care what brand it is, or what they claim their studies have found. Test boosters are simply just a money making gimmick.

Sadly, test boosters are just another marketing ploy to hack our brains into thinking there’s a magic pill out there that will solve all your problems.

You will not gain crazy amounts of muscle, boost your sex drive tenfold, or increase your energy levels.

The truth is test boosters don’t work as they claim. They’re more likely to increase your risk of kidney or liver damage while very insignificantly increasing your testosterone levels.

If you want to boost your testosterone, do it naturally by using these 4 tips:

  • Lift weights regularly
  • Get 7-9 hours of sleep every night
  • Spice up your sex life
  • Lose excess fat
  • Consume testosterone boosting foods (listed above)