Should I Take Creatine? Will Creatine Help Me Gain Muscle?

One supplement that everyone always seems to be talking about!

Good ole’ creatine!

One of your friends says it’s amazing, and one of your friends says it’s a gimmick.

Who do you believe!?

There’s so much information out there, I don’t know who to trust!

Don’t worry. Here are all the answers to all your creatine-based questions that you’ve been searching for, as well as the science-backed evidence.


How Does Creatine Work?

Once taken, creatine is stored in your muscles in the form of energy.

When you exercise APT is broken down and energy is released.

Creatine helps restore the phosphates from the broken down APT, allowing you to get back to exercising and releasing more energy. Think of it as an amino acid. It works in similar ways.

When you take supplemental creatine, your body has the ability to replenish APT molecules, giving you more energy. The process is quite simple. Just imagine when working out, you lose the energy and start to fatigue when pushing heavy weights.

Creatine helps you get the energy back quicker and allows you to push harder and longer.


Does Our Body Naturally Produce Creatine?

Yes, the body does naturally produce creatine. The liver is the main production source.

Creatine is also found in foods, specifically meat based.


Is Creatine Safe?

Very safe. Creatine is possibly the most researched muscle building supplement out there.

There have been thousands of studies on creatine, all of which have found that it is safe in small doses.

Some studies show that consuming a lot of creatine over a long period of time may be harmful to the heart and kidneys.

As long as you aren’t downing a bottle of creatine a day, you’ll be fine.

It is recommended to take 3-5grams of creatine a day for the safest and best performance results.


Does Creatine Affect Sleep?

Some lifters worry that creatine has affected their sleeping patterns/ability to have a good night sleep.

But results and studies show no correlation in terms of sleep deprivation.

In fact, one study shows that if you have sleep deprevation, creatine can actually brighten your mood and make you feel more awake.

“Following 24-h sleep deprivation, creatine supplementation had a positive effect on mood state and tasks that place a heavy stress on the prefrontal cortex.”


Does Creatine Make You Gain Water Weight?

Creatine is also known to hydrate muscle cells, which keeps the nutrients running to the muscles and promotes muscle growth.

So yes it does make you gain “water weight” in a sense.

Although water retention is is not a bad thing, but many people have claimed it makes them look “puffy” or bloated. Others have said this has made them look larger and more muscular.

It’s possible that too much water retention or bloating is caused by taking too much creatine. Remember there is not much added benefit by taking anything over 5g or 1 serving of creatine a day.

If you’re taking too much, reduce your dose.


Do I Need To Cycle Creatine?

No, you don’t need to cycle creatine. It is not an anabolic steroid.

Cycling is a term used for people who are on steroids. “Cycling” is taking a month or two off in order to recuperate and recover from the negative side effects induced by steroids/performance-enhancing drugs.

This is not necessary when supplementing with creatine.

If anything, I saw some articles which said that those who cycled creatine did not make gains as quickly as those who constantly supplemented with creatine.

There’s no reason to cycle.


What’s The Best Kind Of Creatine?

Without a doubt ‘Creatine Monohydrate’ is the way to go.

Not only is it the most available and easiest to find, but it’s the cheapest. Out of all the other forms of creatine, it is the most studied and has the most scientific support.

Monohydrate has also shown to be the most effective creatine in terms of boosting performance.

This means increases in strength gains, hypertrophy, and endurance.

It is by far the safest form of creatine you can purchase as well.


Does Creatine Make You Gain Muscle?


Creatine has been linked with increasing strength, muscle mass, and endurance in both lifters and athletes alike.

Since creatine gives you energy, it allows you to lift more weight, sets, and reps in the gym.

This means you progress and gain strength quicker, thus resulting in more gains.

From what we know, creatine can increase the total volume you lift each workout.

And from basic exercise science, we know that

More Volume = More Muscle Mass

Lifters, myself included, have noticed that creatine also gives great muscle pumps. Many lifters refer to this phenomenon as the “perpetual pump.”


Should I Buy Creatine?

Yes, I recommend investing in a creatine supplement for the amazing benefits.

It’s not just for bodybuilders either.

Creatine is great for athletes, lifters, exercises freaks, long distance runners, and cyclists.

If you’re looking to improve sports based performance, take a look into buying creatine.

If you’re looking into purchasing creatine I recommend buying Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Monohydrate Powder, Unflavored.

114 servings for only $13.45! This will last you almost 4 months if you just consume 1 scoop a day!

Not bad if you ask me!



Of all the good things that can be said about creatine, it is not a one way ticket to your muscle-building goals.

Creatine is merely a supplement, and it will help give you an edge in the gym while aiding in muscle recovery.

That being said, nothing beats having an awesome training regimen or following a strict workout plan that keeps pushing yourself and improves your performance every day.

Be sure to maintain a solid and well-rounded diet that focuses on eating whole based foods. Get enough protein, calories, and carbs evenly throughout the day.

And lastly, make sure you get a solid 8 hours of sleep a night.

If you check off all these boxes first, creatine will only help you out even more and give you those results you crave for.

Cheers everyone!